Academic Programs

Infant Program


Children ages 2 months to 12 months

Our youngest program welcomes babies as young as 2 months old. Highly specialized infant teachers offer a nurturing, loving, creative world to help our littlest learners’ minds and bodies develop. We know that every moment with an infant is precious, and we are committed to making you feel comfortable that I.K.Z. will be a second home to your baby.

The specially designed infant room is a place where babies feel safe, secure and happy. Individual cribs, separate areas for changing and feeding, and a “covered-shoes only” policy ensure clean playing, eating and sleeping spaces.

Your baby will develop and learn more in his first year of life than at any other point. Through age-appropriate games and activities, our experienced and loving teachers lay the foundation for later learning and help infants develop early cognitive and motor skills. We know that you are your child’s most important teacher and, therefore, we will communicate daily with you about your child’s growth.

After the age of 12 months a child may begin to transition into the toddler program. Move-up timing may vary, depending on the child’s developmental readiness and availability in the toddler classroom.

Toddler Program


Children ages 12 to 24 months

Our Toddler program encourages children to use their bodies, senses and their emerging problem-solving skills to learn about and make sense of their world in the ways most meaningful for them. We balance individual attention with group experiences and ensure that your toddler is using all that energy in productive ways.

Our unique curriculum is based on the philosophy that young children learn best through hands-on experiences and Sign Language. Each day is filled with fun activities that excite and develop toddlers, giving them the comfort and confidence to speak those first few important words, as well as make their first friends.

Preschool Program


Preschool is the beginning. 

Fostering a sense of wonder and an excitement for learning, Preschool is a hands-on, nurturing, and developmentally appropriate program for young children. We strive not simply to shape young minds, but to inspire them. We aim to spark fascination that lasts into Kindergarten and long beyond.

As two-year-olds learn best by doing, Preschool children have innumerable opportunities to explore, try new things, and grow. Children are encouraged to interact and role-play in both a dramatic play area and outside; construct structures with blocks; build with a variety of manipulative materials; use mixed media such as paints, clay, and sculpture materials; investigate science through exploration; and begin to appreciate literature through listening to stories. These, as well as many other play-based activities, promote positive social, emotional, and academic growth. Our balanced approach in the classroom engages young minds with a blend of music, art and movement, as well as the early education fundamentals they will need as they continue on to our VPK Program. 

After-School Program


The After-School Program, for Kindergarten through 5th graders, compliments their regular school program and enriches their growth and development. We provide pick-up service from various elementary schoolsl at no additional charge.

As school-age children spend most of their days in a classroom, we strive to complement formal education with engaging and fun learning experiences. Time is given each day for homework. Group activities include structured outdoor games, creative art, computers, and a mentoring program.

Children are encouraged to give input about the program’s weekly plans – making their after-school experiences more personal and meaningful.

Summer Camp Program


For elementary-age children (completed Kindergarten through  6th grade)

We know that your child is unique, and we believe their summer camp experience should be too. 

Our Camp begins on Monday, June 4th until Thursday, August 9th. Hours are from 7:45 pm until 5:30 pm. 

Please go to our "Forms" page and download the "Summer Camp" calendar to view monthly activities. Summer Camp application is also available. Breakfast, Lunch, and an Afternoon snack is provided .